Qatarization at Shell Qatar


Qatarization is defined as the identification and development of quality, competent Qatari males and females to assume permanent positions in our industry. Our objective is Quality Qatarization.

The preparation of quality Qataris is based on performance, and competence rather than time, and should be balanced with operational requirements to ensure a smooth operation.

Qatarization requires the support and commitment of experienced Qatari and expatriate staff, at all levels, to develop and train inexperienced Qataris and help them gain valuable on-the-job experience.

Qatar Shell provides a structured approach to talent management and professional leadership development, both in the technical and commercial fields. Upon joining, Qataris gain a deep understanding of Shell through a global on-boarding programme.

Each employee is provided with the career progression tools that enable competence and skill development. Shell provides multiple approaches to learning, which include on-the-job coaching, mentoring, short-term international assignments, online training, and internal and external courses.

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capacity building at Qatar Shell

Capacity Building

Qatar’s National Vision 2030 encourages the personal and professional development of Qatari citizens through education, enrichment experiences and career opportunities. Shell’s goal is to broaden Qatar’s research capacity. We are committed to helping young people discover the many rewarding career possibilities that are available to them in a field critical to Qatar’s vision of a knowledge based economy.

Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre’s outreach and university collaboration team works closely with universities and academic institutions such as Qatar University and Texas A&M University to develop joint research and development programmes, sponsor scientific initiatives and share our skills and expertise, thereby effectively linking our scientists with academic experts and students.

Tafawoq session at Qatar Shell


TAFAWOQ, which is the Arabic word for excellence, is an elite Project Management Centre of Excellence focused on developing the competencies of industry professionals in Qatar and the surrounding region. TAFAWOQ seeks to play a pivotal role in supporting the delivery of large capital investment projects while adhering to industry best practices. It achieves these goals by functioning as a knowledge transfer platform aimed at laying the foundations of a solid professional project management community in and around Qatar. TAFAWOQ delivers world-class competency development programmes, nurtures the professional community network, and advocates the development of a National Association of Project Management Professionals in cooperation with The Association for Project Management (APM).

Established in 2011, TAFAWOQ is a partnership between QatarEnergy, Qatar Shell and Hamad Bin Khalifa University. This alliance is committed to the support of project management professionals currently overseeing the unprecedented investment programmes that will accomplish Qatar’s development plans, laid out in the Qatar National Development Strategy and the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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worker welfare at Qatar Shell

Worker Welfare

Shell recognises a core aspect of its corporate responsibility is to care for all who work with us. During construction of the Pearl GTL plant, the workforce reached a peak of 52,000 people.

In partnership with QatarEnergy (QE), our joint approach towards the welfare of our workers is based on the belief that people are an opportunity for investment, not a cost to minimise. This approach involved a conscious decision not to build a standard ‘camp’ but to create a community environment called the Pearl Village – residential accommodation envisioned to be a ‘home away from home’.

Our objective has been to foster a culture of care and concern for the well-being of all workers. Innovations implemented by QE and Shell on the Pearl GTL project have included the provision of facilities for sport and recreation (including the ‘Al Muntazah’ park in the heart of the Pearl Village), theatrical performances, continuous professional learning and communication with home. 

Close attention has also been paid to the health of our workers through nutritional standards (reflecting multiple national diets), world-class medical services and psycho-social support, including a network of volunteer ‘Uncles and Aunties’.

As the construction phase ended, these best practices were transitioned to the operational phase.  We have formalised these within Worker Welfare ‘Terms & Conditions’, with measurable performance standards, enshrined in all contractor agreements. 

Pearl GTL has been honoured to win national, regional and global awards for our commitment to worker welfare. We now very actively share our experience with other organisations in Qatar and across the region, both within and outside the energy sector.

Economic Development

Development of a competitive and diversified economy capable of meeting the needs of, and securing a high standard of living for all Qataris both for the present and for the future.

Social Development

Development of a just and caring society based on high moral standards, and capable of playing a significant role in the global partnership for development.