Water plant at QSRTC

Water solutions

Sustainable use of water has been identified as one of the key challenges for Qatar as a nation. In collaboration with the Ministry of Environment, Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre (QSRTC) is carrying out studies on the Ministry’s farm to better understand the potential for recycling and re-using water produced in Qatar’s various industrial processes to sustain plant growth. The programme has been ongoing for several years and is investigating the growth of turf and trees for use in creating green spaces.

QSRTC is also working on a pilot programme to evaluate whether constructed wetlands can remove various chemicals from water generated as a by-product from oil and gas production at our Pearl GTL operations. Tests have shown the technology is feasible and we are now testing other waste-water streams for treatment.

Other R&D initiatives support our work on sustainable water use and reuse, including various pilot and bench scale units at the QSRTC testing facility. It is staffed by leading water research scientists and a Professorial Chair for Sustainable Development at Qatar University, funded by Qatar Shell.

Qatari scientist at work at Carbon storage lab in Qatar

Carbon storage

An important element in the sustainable energy mix is Carbon Capture & Storage (CCS). The successful deployment of CCS technology is critical to meeting the huge projected increase in global energy demand while reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. If the world wants to achieve climate change goals, CCS has to be part of the solution.

Qatar Shell, QatarEnergy and Qatar Science and Technology Park have opened the world’s largest suite of laboratories to research the storage of greenhouse gas CO2 in carbonate rock formations. The laboratories form part of the Qatar Carbonates and Carbon Storage Research Centre at Imperial College London. They are part of a $70 million, 10 year research partnership between Shell, QatarEnergy, Qatar Science and Technology Park and Imperial College London.

With more than 50 researchers, including PhD students from Qatar, this venture has become one of the world’s largest university-based CCS research teams.

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Economic Development

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