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Enterprise challenge

The ‘Enterprise Challenge’ programme was created by Mosaic, a UK-based not for profit organisation established by HRH the Prince of Wales in 2007 with a range of mentoring programmes aimed at fostering opportunities for young people.

Qatar Shell is the founding partner of Mosaic in Qatar, and together with Bedaya Centre, has worked to bring ‘the Enterprise Challenge’ to Qatar.

Enterprise Challenge Qatar is a programme that encourages the spirit of entrepreneurship amongst young people; it promotes their business knowledge and equips them with practical business skills, developing their business acumen, team work and strategic thinking. Students learn about establishing and running a business through a business simulation game.

The competition is unique in that students benefit from being mentored by experienced business professionals who pass on their knowledge and skills about various aspects of business.

The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ programme has different tiers for high school and university students, and is made up of three parts comprising: the Ethical Business Challenge, which tests participants’ ability to balance the economic, environmental and social performance of their company; and the Business Simulation element which familiarises students with general business concepts from inception through to trading, finance, sales, marketing and production. Grand Finals: The university or schools teams at the Grand Finals compete by playing the online game once more to try and record the day’s highest score. 

ECQ in Qatar achievements: In 2012, Shell partnered with Bedaya to implement the Enterprise Challenge Qatar during the Global Entrepreneurship Week for the first time in Qatar. 14 teams from 3 Universities participated in the competition.  In 2013 6 schools from Northern communities and 9 Universities from Qatar with 430 students participated in the programme.  Winning Teams were recognized during the GEW.  In 2014 14 schools from Qatar and 9 universities with 700 students participated in the program.  With more than 120 volunteer mentors trained to deliver the program in schools and universities.

SME support local supply chain

As part of a nationwide strategy to support Qatari Small and Medium Enterprises, Qatar Shell partnered with Qatar Development Bank (QDB) to promote and accelerate the development of the private sector in Qatar.

The ‘Qatari SME Business Opportunities’ initiative is aimed at supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030 by providing local SMEs with specific business opportunities within Pearl GTL, the world’s largest GTL plant delivered by QatarEnergy and Qatar Shell.

Together with our partner QDB, we believe that through our support of local SMEs, we are significantly contributing to the economic pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, while helping the SMEs raise their operating standards in order to fulfil global requirements.

Following the launch of the first ‘Qatari SME Business Opportunities Workshop’ in 2013, three local SMEs were awarded with contracts; and in 2014 we added five new local companies to our supply chain; the aggregate value of the awarded contract in 2014 is QR10 million.

In 2015, seven new business opportunities were presented to over 150 local SMEs and entrepreneurs. The estimated aggregate value of the offered opportunities is over QR15 million and the duration ranges between three to five years.

As a testament to this successful partnership, in 2015, Qatar Shell and QDB won The Social Development Centre’s Reyada ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurial Support’ Award for their support to Qatari entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises.

The ‘Qatari SME Business Opportunities’ initiative is one of Qatar Shell’s ‘IMPACT QATAR’ Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships aimed at delivering sustainable positive impact in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

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