Doha, Qatar - The initiative launched an online platform, Extra Time, which is used as a virtual tool to improve the performance of participants on the pitch and encourage youth to adopt healthy habits. Accessible through Koora Time’s website, the online platform is now available for everyone in Qatar wishing to experience football virtually.

The platform, is providing access to fitness tips and enabling participants to finish learning the Koora Time methodology, covering the remaining 20 hours of physical activity as part of Season 8. While participants are staying home, Koora Time’s coaches have been monitoring and engaging them online.

Koora Time coaches are also delivering virtual football challenges that are being posted on the programme’s social media channels. Abdulaziz Hatim, a member of the Qatar National Football Team, completed one of the challenges and posted the video on social media to encourage Qatar’s youth to follow suit.

Koora Time coaches are filming their challenges once a week and sharing videos with participants on how to exercise and complete the challenge from home.

Everybody is invited to record their take on the challenges and share the video online for a chance to win valuable prizes. The general public may also register on Extra Time to access fitness and health tips, online games and activities to stimulate a healthy lifestyle while staying at home through:

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