Doha, Qatar - Koora Time, an award-winning partnership between Qatar Shell and Qatar Football Association (QFA), has wrapped up its virtual football programme, a novel initiative aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle amid the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The initiative, attracted 1,309 participants, while 729 new participants registered in the online platform, Extra Time. The platform provided access to fitness tips and enabled participants to finish learning the Koora Time methodology.

Koora Time coaches also delivered virtual football challenges that proved very popular among the public on the Koora Time social media channels. Coaches filmed and shared challenges through social media to teach participants how to exercise and complete the challenge from home.

Four players from Qatar National Team including Abdulaziz Hatem, Ahmad Suhail, Ismail Mohamad and Abdullah Al Ahrak joined the campaign, completing one of the challenges and sharing the footage on their social media platforms to encourage Qatar’s youth to participate.

Winning participants who successfully completed the challenges were offered valuable prizes.

Accessible through Koora Time’s website, Extra Time is still available for everyone in Qatar wishing to experience football virtually and to access fitness and health tips, online games and activities to stimulate a healthy lifestyle while staying at home through:

The latest initiative builds on the success of Koora Time’s seventh season, which attracted a weekly average of 3,500 participants. Since its launch, the initiative has benefited over 150,000 young people across Qatar and won 12 awards.

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