The agreement was signed at the WOQOD office by Saad Rashid Al-Muhannadi, Managing Director and CEO of WOQOD, Andrew Faulkner, Managing Director and Chairman of Qatar Shell Companies, and Azmat Jafri, GM Lubricants Middle East.

This new agreement will power WOQOD lubricants with Shell technology and have the advantage of being blended from the purest Qatari GTL (Gas To Liquid) base oil. GTL technology converts natural gas into colorless base oils with virtually none of the impurities found in crude oil; delivering exceptional engine protection under extreme conditions.

Saad Rashid Al-Muhannadi, WOQOD’s Managing Director and CEO, commented: “This strategic alliance between WOQOD and Shell will ensure that WOQOD is providing the premium quality lubricants to Qatar market”. He added, “In 2009 WOQOD signed an agreement with Shell Marine for the exclusive distribution of marine lubricants in Qatar for 15 years. This Co-branded automotive partnership is therefore a further extension of that relationship”.

The agreement will ensure the supply of high-quality lubricants, combining premium Qatari GTL components and Shell technology, across all WOQOD retail sites from September 2019.

Andrew Faulkner, Managing Director and Chairman of Qatar Shell said the agreement is an acknowledgement of the benefits of Shell’s engine oil expertise and cutting-edge technology, noting that the deal also, ‘reflects WOQOD and Qatar Shell’s shared commitment to the delivery of premium products and services in Qatar.’

The supplied premium engine oils will be co-branded as WOQOD OTO and will be available in a variety of packs and applications.

Co-branded Lubricants

WOQOD has developed a new OTO range of lubricants which includes, OTO MOTIV the petrol engine oils, OTO MAX the Diesel engine oils and OTO PRO the ancillary products. The new OTO Motiv Ultimate, Fully Synthetic Motor Oil from WOQOD, has been formulated using the latest Shell technology and Qatari GTL base oil, to create a world class lubricant.

OTO Motiv Ultimate offers maximum efficiency and improves the time between oil changes, which protects engines and saves money.