GCC Traffic Week

Whether young or old, the attendees, found an age-appropriate activity designed to promote road safety within the framework of Qatar Shell’s  Corporate Social Responsibility strategy, including the ‘Rakkiz Tislam’ programme.

‘Rakkiz Tislam’ (meaning ‘Focus and be Safe’), which is a realistic driver learning software module designed to help young drivers identify and respond to potentially unsafe traffic situations, attracted large participation from young visitors.

The software, which was designed and tailored to Qatar’s roads and driving environment, and which includes real traffic scenes filmed on Qatar’s roads, engages participants and improves their driving skills thanks to its interactive approach.

The programme features ten practical stages designed to raise awareness among participants about road safety, and help drivers identify common mistakes, providing them with the necessary skills and experience to avoid traffic hazards and accidents.

“GCC Traffic Week plays an important role in promoting traffic awareness among the public, particularly new young drivers, who are often prone to road accidents,” said Mohamed Abu Jbara, CSR Manager of Qatar Shell. “I believe that the participation of young people in this exhibition enables them to recognize the importance of complying with laws and regulations  to reduce car accidents that result in the death of our children.”

Ali Al Marri , , who visited Qatar Shell’s Pavilion said: "I obtained a certificate for participating in the ‘Rakkiz Tislam’ programme, which is a fun programme that simulates driving in Qatar.  I enjoyed having to identify the possible hazards and being tested on the Qatari driving laws and regulations.  I’m pleased I passed!”,

Muneera Mohammed , a school teacher at Kabaan primay school for girls , said: “The participation of school students in this exhibition is very important because it introduces them at an early age to proper driving practices, so they grow up to become responsible drivers who respect their lives and the lives of others on the roads.”

The event attracted participation from hundreds of school students, businessmen and representatives of public institutions, private companies, civil society groups and charity organisations.

The GCC Traffic Week featured a series of intensive awareness campaigns and educational activities for the benefit of various members of Qatari society, particularly the youth community, to promote road safety and compliance with traffic laws and regulations.

QatarEnergy and Qatar Shell share strict road safety standards, which have produced outstanding results. In their flagship operation and first-of-its-kind globally, Pearl GTL, which employs more than 52,000 workers in the construction phase, registered over 600 million kilometres of safe driving, which demonstrates the importance of raising awareness about road and traffic safety in general, and in the oil and gas Qatari industry, in particular. 

About Qatar Shell

Shell is the largest international investor in Qatar having invested USD 21 billion over the past decade. QatarEnergy and Shell have jointly delivered two of the largest energy projects in the world in Ras Laffan Industrial City. Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) is the world’s largest GTL plant and cements Qatar’s position as the GTL capital of the world. At an investment of up to USD19 billion it represents the largest single investment in the Shell Group’s global portfolio.

The Qatargas 4 Liquefied Natural Gas project (QE (70%) and Shell (30%) combines Shell’s global leadership in LNG with Qatar’s position as the world’s largest LNG supplier.

Shell has established a world-class research and development facility and a learning centre, the Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre, at the Qatar Science & Technology Park. Shell has a financial commitment to invest up to USD100 million on programmes in support of energy and the environment at the Centre over a 10-year period.

Qatar Shell contributes to the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030 not only through our economic investments, but also through our investments in national talent and capability development, both internally through the professional development of our Qatari employees, and externally through our extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programme, positively impacting Qatar, in partnership with Qatari institutions.

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