Doha, 6 October 2015:  Over 30 Qatari Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been shortlisted to tender for seven specific business opportunities offered by Qatar Development Bank (QDB) and Qatar Shell.  The successful SMEs will become part of the supply chain for Pearl GTL, the world’s largest gas to liquids plant delivered by QatarEnergy and Qatar Shell.

More than 150 Qatari SMEs attended the third annual ‘Qatari SME Business Opportunities Workshop’ earlier this year, where over 60 local SMEs showed their interest to participate and compete for the seven business opportunities on offer. Over 30 local SMEs were short-listed and have been invited to participate in Qatar Shell’s tender process. The successful SMEs will be awarded with contracts in a special ceremony on 13th December.

“We are proud to partner with Qatar Shell to promote the diversification of the national economy by nurturing the growth of the private sector through the support of local entrepreneurs and SMEs,” said Hamad Al-Kubaisi, Executive Director of  Strategy and Business Development at Qatar Development Bank.

“We believe in the capabilities and quality of services of local SMEs; and by linking them with a world-class company such as Qatar Shell, they now have the chance to bid for contracts that will help raise their operating standards to meet global requirements.” “QDB is fully committed to providing those SMEs and entrepreneurs with all the management, advisory and financial support that they need.” 

The shortlisted SMEs will tender for the following business opportunities: manufacturing of safety boards and electric labels; cafeteria and catering services for staff and events; servicing of custody flow meter calibration; manufacturing of stud bolts; supplying onsite welding inspection services; manufacturing and maintaining fire extinguishers, and managing Qatar Shell’s social media.

 “We are proud to see a significant increase in the number of Qatari SMEs and entrepreneurs who are showing interest in joining Qatar Shell’s supply chain.  We believe that by supporting their development we are significantly contributing to the economic pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030,” said Amro Ahmed, Qatar Local Content and SME Manager at Qatar Shell.

 “Following the launch of the first ‘Qatari SME Business Opportunities Workshop’ in 2013, three local SMEs were awarded with contracts; and in 2014 we added five new local companies to our supply chain. This year, we have offered seven new business opportunities at an estimated aggregate value of more than QR 15 million.”

The ‘Qatari SME Business Opportunities’ initiative is a strategic partnership between QDB and Qatar Shell, aimed at supporting the Qatar National Vision 2030 by providing local SMEs with access to specific business opportunities within Qatar Shell’s supply chain, and helping them raise their operating standards in order to fulfil global requirements.

This year, Qatar Shell and QDB won the Social Development Center’s - Reyada ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurial Support’ Award for their role in developing Qatari entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises. The award is a clear demonstration of this successful partnership in developing Qatar’s economy and private sector, as well as delivering sustainable contributions to positively impact Qatar.

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About Qatar Development Bank

Qatar Development Bank (QDB) was established in 1997 as the Qatar Industrial Development Bank, a 100% government-owned developmental organisation. Its primary aim was to develop investments within local industries, thereby accelerating growth and economic diversification in Qatar through support for private sector. Between 1997 and 2005, the bank expanded its portfolio, diversifying from its industrial base to include support and guidance for a range of non-industrial sectors identified as key to the development of Qatar. Shortly afterwards, the bank revisited its mission statement to reflect the successful completion of its new strategic objective and changed its name to Qatar Development Bank. The State of Qatar, QDB’s sole shareholder, increased the bank's capital from 200 million to 10 billion riyals in 2008. Since that time, and reflecting the expansion of its mission and financial assets, QDB has launched a considerable number of strategic initiatives and programs, all designed to directly contribute to the economic growth and development of Qatar.

QDB’s strategy is entirely in line with Qatar National Vision 2030. It is focused on promoting and facilitating the growth of the private sector in Qatar within key economic channels. In turn, this support will enable the development of long term, sustainable social and economic benefits across the economy.

Aside from offering financial support, Qatar Development Bank is tasked with promoting entrepreneurship in the private sector, facilitating the development of key economic sectors through the provision of capital and advisory services. QDB has also launched several initiatives, including Al Dhameen program, an indirect loan facility to guarantee commercial bank loans to private sector companies, in collaboration with other banks and financial institutions.

QDB’s export arm “Tasdeer” program was created to develop and promote exports from Qatar, providing export credit guarantees in addition to financial products and solutions designed to mitigate the risks imposed on local exporters. The bank also provides consulting services in business development to help entrepreneurs to prepare for business. This will include feasibility studies, the conduct of market research and the selection of appropriate techniques; fundamentally helping to develop the capabilities of SME owners to enhance and refine their skills in the market and establish strong ties with financial and non-financial support entities.

About Qatar Shell

Shell is the largest international investor in Qatar having invested USD 21 billion over the past decade. QatarEnergy and Shell have jointly delivered two of the largest energy projects in the world in Ras Laffan Industrial City. Pearl Gas to Liquids (GTL) is the world’s largest GTL plant and cements Qatar’s position as the GTL capital of the world. At an investment of up to USD19 billion it represents the largest single investment in the Shell Group’s global portfolio.

The Qatargas 4 Liquefied Natural Gas project (QE (70%) and Shell (30%) combines Shell’s global leadership in LNG with Qatar’s position as the world’s largest LNG supplier.

Shell has established a world-class research and development facility and a learning centre, the Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre, at the Qatar Science & Technology Park. Shell has a financial commitment to invest up to USD100 million on programmes in support of energy and the environment at the Centre over a 10-year period.

Qatar Shell contributes to the objectives of the Qatar National Vision 2030 not only through our economic investments, but also through our investments in national talent and capability development, both internally through the professional development of our Qatari employees, and externally through our extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programme, positively impacting Qatar, in partnership with Qatari institutions.

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