Qatar University and Qatar Shell Empower young Qatari Women Engineers

Sheikh Thani Al-Thani, Deputy Managing Director of Qatar Shell, said in his opening remark: “Shell in Qatar has come a long way. Less than 10 years ago we started with a few Qatari members of staff and today we have over 300 ambitious Qatari professionals in the company. Qatarization is a topic that is very close to my heart and I’m happy to say that Shell is a company that is committed to Qatarization. Shell recognizes the importance and value of Qatari staff towards the company’s current and future journey. As a Qatari myself, I am personally invested in Qatarization and wish to see qualified Qataris taking up more responsibility and greater accountabilities within the company.”

Qatar Shell’s efforts to become the employer of choice are premised on a clear vision that Shell’s operations in the country are essentially led by Qataris in the future. This is demonstrated by employing and developing Qatari staff at all levels throughout the organization, and across all functions of the business.This approach aligns with one of the main pillars of Qatar’s National Vision: Developing human capital. Shell provides multiple approaches to learning and development, which includes on-the-job coaching, mentoring, short term international assignments, online training, and internal and external courses.

Qatar University and Qatar Shell Empower young Qatari Women Engineers

During the event, Qatari employees shared their international assignment experiences and the skills they developed while on the job working at various Shell locations around the world. The main part of the event, the Qatarization Excellence Awards ceremony, recognized  employees who were nominated by their peers and managers for outstanding dedication to Qatarization in 2013.

The Awards covered 12 categories: Best Qatari Technician/Operator, Best TPP Operator/Technician, Best Qatari Employees, Best Leader Supporting Qatarization, Best Engineering Supervisor/Qatari Supporter, Best Engineering Coach, Best Process Supervisor/Qatari Supporter, Best TPP Process Coach, Best Department Supporting Qatarization, Best Qatari Leaders Supporting Qatarization , Empowering the Future Leaders Award and finally, and the Excellence Award for sponsored students.

Last year Qatar Shell received the ‘Supporting Qatarization Award’, presented by His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al-Sada, Minister of Energy & Industry, which was in recognition of Qatar Shell’s sustained efforts in Qatarization.  This marked the fourth Qatarization Award received by the company in the last five years. floating pipeline.



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