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Shell Graguates Program

Through Shell’s pioneering Graduate Programme talented and motivated candidates become fully-fledged Shell professionals in two to five years.

As you nurture your knowledge with structured learning and broaden your experience on groundbreaking projects, you are supported by an excellent mentorship programme. With constructive check-ins throughout the programme you will never be overwhelmed by the workload, and we will assign tasks that challenge you positively.

Straight away you are given stimulating, hands-on roles and an increasing scope of responsibilities that will propel your career straight after exiting the programme. When joining Qatar Shell you are offered a comprehensive Onboarding Programme that systematically exposes you to all areas of the organisation, familiarising you with our company values.

All this is achieved via an overarching structure comprised of several interrelated stages, including rotations, company integration, local and global development, progress checks and assessments.

Whether you join the Technical, Commercial or Corporate Function area of the programme, you will receive unparalleled formal training throughout.

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Shell Internships

An Assessed Internship is one way to get to know Qatar Shell from the inside and immerse yourself in our industry. It will also help you decide which career is right for you.

An Assessed Internship is not an informal placement. It gives you full day-to-day involvement in actual projects, selected to match your interests and abilities.

You’ll join a project team and work alongside Qatar Shell employees, all professionals in their fields. Their perspectives will contribute to your understanding of our business, its demands and rewards.

A supervisor and mentor will support you directly. You will undertake regular assessments throughout your internship. This is to ensure you get the most from the experience and receive feedback on your performance.

What we look for at Qatar Shell

You’ll be evaluated on your capacity for analysis, decision making and creating workable solutions, as well as your drive and enthusiasm, resilience and confidence.

During an Assessed Internship, you’ll have a formal mid-term review with your mentor and supervisor. Following this, there will be a final review where you’ll be asked to complete an online simulation exercise and written task. You’ll also be asked to prepare a final presentation about your project.

Succeed in your assessed internship and you could be offered a place on Qatar Shell's Graduate Programme.

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We aim to become the employer of choice for Qatari nationals to enable the delivery and operation of Shell’s current and future projects in Qatar.

Qatari Professionals

Enhance your career development as an experienced professional with Shell and continue on your path to reach your full potential.

Qatari graduates and students

Enhance your career development as an experienced professional with Shell and continue on your path to reach your full potential.