The structured development system at Qatar Shell does not exist in other organisations

Abdullah Al Amoodi

"When I enrolled in college to study petroleum engineering, working for Shell was a goal of mine. Ever since I was a student I have been impressed by Shell's reputation, achievements and industry leadership. Many of the most esteemed professors at college spoke highly of Shell,” says Al-Amoodi.

As a fresh graduate, Al-Amoodi was initially unsuccessful in securing a position at Qatar Shell. However, the rejection only motivated him further to take on a position at Qatargas which operates an asset for Shell. Al-Amoodi spent the next six years gaining insight and experience on the upstream “subsurface” aspect of the oil and gas industry. With this experience he applied once again for a position at Qatar Shell. This time he was successful. "I joined Qatar Shell as a Reservoir Engineer on the North Field Wells and Reservoir towards the end of 2012, during the beginning of the surveillance campaign – a subsurface data gathering campaign for Pearl Gas-to-Liquids (GTL), the world's largest GTL plant built in partnership with QatarEnergy (QE)," recalls Al-Amoodi.

The extensive industry background he acquired at Qatargas coupled with his work on Pearl GTL, led to Al-Amoodi taking on a new role last year as Business Strategy Advisor for the Qatargas 4 asset, delivered in partnership with QP. Abdulla believes that his own career progression demonstrates Shell's commitment to investing in local, Qatari talent.


Abdullah Al Amoodi

"Qatar Shell has provided me with various opportunities to improve my technical and leadership skills through the comprehensive career development plan I established with my line managers," he says. "I feel that Shell cares about my growth, and with a focus on the right training and assignments, I am constantly being exposed to diverse functions within the business, which opens up opportunities for me to work with multi-disciplinary teams."

In his latest role, Al-Amoodi utilizes his technical knowledge while developing his leadership skills by focusing on existing strengths. "Qatar Shell is a unique organization and it adopts a structured career development plan for each individual, the details of which allow them to reach their goals and fulfil their target position," he explains.

As the Business Strategy Advisor for the Qatargas 4 asset, Al-Amoodi is now the interface between Qatargas, Qatar Shell and the North Field Wells Reservoir teams. Abdulla believes his accelerated development within the organization demonstrates Shell’s commitment to recognize those who combine talent with a strong work ethic.

Al-Amoodi is one of 300 Qatari staff holding technical and commercial position at all levels of Qatar Shell, which continues to positively impact Qatar through the training and development of Qatari nationals.

Qatar Shell focuses on my development as a Qatari as part of this commitment, which is why I am proud to be part of an organization that nurtures Qatari talent and supports its growth, while making real contributions to my country, because at Qatar Shell we impact Qatar together.

Abdulla Al-Amoodi