Celebrating Qatarization at Qatar Shell

Under the theme of “Qatar’s Success Knows No Borders”, Qatar Shell recently held its Qatarization Celebration event hosted by Andrew Faulkner, Managing Director and Chairman. This is an annual event held to celebrate and recognise the contribution of all Qatari employees to the success of the company. The theme was chosen as it not only reflected the success of the highly talented Qataris in Qatar Shell but also acknowledged the extraordinary response the State of Qatar, wisely led by HH The Emir, has made to the diplomatic blockade.

Qatar Shell was extremely honoured to welcome Saad Al-Kaabi, CEO and president of QatarEnergy, as the event’s Keynote Speaker.  Mr. Al-Kaabi shared his inspirational career journey, stressing that it had taken a lot of hard work and commitment to reach where he is today. His speech highlighted the key elements to becoming the best you can be, including personal accountability, the responsibility of leadership to ensure that the right opportunities and succession plans are in place, and the responsibility we all have as individuals to perform—and deliver—to the best of our abilities each and every day.   “You don’t always know your capabilities until you test yourself,” he said.   He then took part in a very lively question and answer session.  Before Mr. Al-Kaabi left the event, he inaugurated the Commitment Board, by adding his personal commitment to Qatarisation

Other distinguished guests attending included Hamad Al-Hammadi, Head of Qatarisation and Ahmad Al-Amoodi, Manager Oil and Gas Surface Development, both of QatarEnergy.

During the event, a discussion panel took place on Business Continuity & Local Talent Influence.  Considering the ongoing diplomatic situation, this was a very relevant topic and elicited an energetic conversation.    This was followed by an introduction to the Technical Preparation Programme (TPP) together with recognition for recent TPP graduates.

A key element on the day’s agenda was recognition of Learning Successes.  Certificates of completion were awarded to Shell Graduate Programme (SGP)  and Shell Advance Technical Programme (SATP) graduates .  Certificates were also presented to staff for High Academic Performance and Post Graduate Sponsorship achievement.

Qatar Shell’s efforts to become the employer of choice are premised on a clear vision that Shell’s operations in the country are essentially led by Qataris in the future. This is demonstrated by employing and developing Qatari staff at all levels throughout the organisation and across all functions of the business. This approach aligns with one of the main pillars of Qatar’s National Vision: developing human capital. Shell provides multiple approaches to learning and development, which include on-the-job coaching, mentoring, short-term international assignments, online training and internal and external courses.

Underpinning Qatar Shell’s Qatarization ambitions, it was very fitting during the event to announce that Misfer Al-Bidaiwi, Pearl GTL’s  Production Manager, will take over as Vice President Pearl GTL from Mark Pattenden in May 2019. The role of Vice President Pearl GTL is one of the biggest jobs globally in Shell. Misfer is a role model for what can be achieved when you combine intelligence, leadership skills and plain hard work.  His future promotion represents a huge step forward in our commitment to have high-performing Qataris better represented throughout all levels of the company - including the most senior roles.

“You don’t always know your capabilities until you fully test yourself”

Saad Al-Kaabi - CEO and President, Qatar Petroleum

“You don’t always know your capabilities until you fully test yourself”

Saad Al-Kaabi - CEO and President, QatarEnergy