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Shell hosts technical workshop for students building Shell Eco-Marathon cars

Twenty six students and professors from Qatar University and Texas A&M University at Qatar have participated in a workshop with Shell engineers as they develop their plans to build vehicles to participate in the Shell Eco-marathon Europe in 2011.
Shell hosts technical workshop for students building Shell Eco-Marathon cars

The workshop took place at the Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre at the Qatar Science & Technology Park.

Shell has partnered with the Qatar Science & Technology Park to promote the Shell Eco-marathon to Qatari universities.

The Shell Eco-marathon is a global student competition to build and run ultra fuel-efficient vehicles. It is held each year in Europe, the United States and Asia.

Teams from Qatar University and Texas A&M University at Qatar will be the first from the Gulf Cooperation Council ever to participate.

“The Shell Eco-marathon takes place each year in Europe, the United States and Asia-Pacific.

We challenge students from some 400 teams of top universities each year to design and build energy efficient vehicles,” said Gilbert Merhej, Shell Eco-marathon Project Manager.

“I am pleased with the enthusiasm the students are showing and excited to see them apply their technical skills in such an event.

The workshop aimed to support students as they develop detailed design work. Norman Koch, Shell’s Engine Expert and Eco-marathon Global Technical Leader, conducted the workshop with Willem Scholten, Research and Development Manager at the Qatar Shell Research & Technology Centre.

The two universities have already registered two teams each, and have begun with designing vehicles in different competition  categories.

“I am thrilled that Qatari universities are participating in this event and contributing to Qatar’s international profile in engineering and environmental awareness,” said Andy Brown, Shell’s Executive Vice President. “We believe their participation is in line with the human development and environmental development pillars of Qatar National Vision 2030.”

The Qatar University teams will compete in the ‘Prototype’ vehicle category which requires participants to design highly-futuristic vehicles focused on maximizing fuel efficiency through innovative design elements. One team plans to use Gas to Liquids Fuel, whilst the other intends to develop a vehicle that uses solar power.

The Texas A&M University at Qatar teams will compete in the ‘Urban Concept’ category which focuses on design that is contemporary, but still focusing on fuel efficiency. One team will use Gas to Liquids Fuel whilst the other will develop a vehicle powered by petrol.

"Our teams are very exited about this project" said xxx, student team manager from Qatar University. "We think our participation in such an event will boost our knowledge and skills in sustainable mobility”.

.Xxx, student team manager from Texas A&M-Qatar said, “It’s exciting to be able to apply our learning and benefit from an international competition such as this. We look forward to represent the State of Qatar, and hope to show the world our capabilities in eco-friendly research.”

The most fuel-efficient car ever designed by a Shell Eco-marathon student team was capable of driving 4,896.1 kilometres on a single litre of fuel – the equivalent of driving from Qatar to Paris. This was achieved during the 2010 Shell Eco-marathon Europe in May.

In addition to designing and building their vehicles, student teams are required to develop clear business plans for their teams, source funding through sponsorships and secure technical partnerships. Teams are often made up of students studying or interested in a range of disciplines from engineering to business management.

Shell is committed to a substantial expenditure of up to $100 million over a 10-year period on a world-class technology innovation and development programme at the science park. Last year Shell filed the first patent application for an invention by any company there.