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Shell sponsors Qatari for Antarctic Expedition

Abdulla AlMisnad of Qatar is Shell’s representative for 2041’s Inspire Antarctic Expedition Abdulla AlMisnad of Shell is going to travel to the end of the earth on a mission to help raise awareness at home about climate change, and the importance of protecting the environment.

Abdulla AlMisnad, a Shell employee, will join 2041’s ‘Inspire Antarctica Expedition’ from the 5th to 18th of March, which will educate participants about global warming, conservation, and Antarctica’s fragile ecosystem.  Abdulla will be joined by Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Nuaimi of the UAE, a Shell’s envoy on the mission. The two Arabs will be part a team of 70 people from 28 different countries, who will be exploring the world’s most remote continent.

In 2041 the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty  could potentially be modified or amended, thus opening up the currently protected land for mineral exploration. The 2041 expeditions aim to raise awareness of this deadline and build a global consensus that the moratorium on mineral development in Antarctica should be extended beyond 2041.

Mr. Andy Brown, Shell’s Executive Vice President Qatar, commented on the expedition by saying, “This initiative aligns with Qatar National Vision 2030, seeking to preserve and protect the environment to achieve a sustainable future.  Shell sees the Antarctic expedition as an opportunity to raise the profile of sustainable development both within the company and in the broader community, while focusing on local people in regions where Shell operates. The ambassador from Qatar and his colleague from the UAE are sponsored by Shell, and were selected for their genuine interest in environmental preservation and their enthusiasm and commitment to convey what they will learn on the expedition when they get home.”

Abdulla and Sheikh Abdulaziz will explore the southern continent with a team of corporate leaders, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, and teachers. Antarctica is the only continent without a native human population.  Approximately 98 percent of its landmass is covered by ice. Antarctica is known as the coldest, windiest, and driest continent. Its arid climate means that it is considered a desert; however this desert of ice is different than the one Abdulla and Sheikh Abdulaziz are used to.

Abdulla recently joined Shell as a commercial advisor and is working on Shell’s CO2 management activities based in Doha.

Overseeing the two ambassadors and the expedition team will be the founder of the 2041 organization and its Inspire Antarctic Expeditions, Robert Swan. Swan is a polar explorer, environmental activist, leader and inspirational public speaker. Swan was the first person to set foot on both the North and South poles, and shares this experience to guide people toward green minded solutions.

Abdulla commented on his role as ambassador for Qatar by saying, “As Qataris we have the same responsibilities as other youth all over the world, and it is our responsibility to challenge the knowledge that has been handed down to us, from the way we use water at home, to the way we design gas-processing plants.”

The two ambassadors will bring knowledge home to their communities. Through presentations, videos, and photographs the two environmental ambassadors will help raise awareness of environmental issues in their home countries. In Qatar, Abdulla plans to visit schools across the country to share his experiences and inspire youth as well as spread his knowledge with his colleagues in Shell.

To follow Abdulla’s journey to Antarctica please visit his blog http://www.greeningofoil.com/antarctica.aspx